BlueWave is a merchant venture development company, providing a complementary approach to traditional corporate venture. We empower our corporate partners to capitalize on market shifts by delivering bespoke startups with certainty of acquisition and ease of integration. We’re not an incubator, or a VC firm, but we have characteristics of both. We “begin with the end in mind” by actively seeking exit opportunities to generate superior investment returns that inspire the confidence and loyalty of our investors.

Our primary markets include Proptech (real estate investment, development, operations), Fintech (banking, financial services, capital markets, alternative assets, private equity), and Cleantech (sustainability and alternative energy).

In addition to our principal venture business, our team supports start-ups and growth-stage companies with expansion into new markets and the launch of new products or service lines, by independently leading those initiatives from planning through execution. Most notably, we help companies that are selling into our primary markets by sourcing new business opportunities and accelerating sales cycles.


Brian McGowan

Managing Partner

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Terence Easton

Venture Partner

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Dirk Schwarz


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Julie Willbrand

Director of Marketing

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