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BlueWave is a merchant venture development company that sponsors, builds, and commercializes new technologies.

We are focused on Proptech, Fintech, and Cleantech innovations that drive efficiency and performance in real estate and capital markets.

We create value and accelerate growth through operational expertise, deep technical knowledge, and a network of trusted relationships within our core industries.

We use Lean Startup principles to test and iterate concepts and determine competitive positioning, then we package products to go-to-market with corporate partners.

Our partner organizations engage by deploying our products across their existing customer base, and often make direct investments in specific BlueWave companies.

We structure creative transactions and opportunistically create new platforms or joint ventures in special situations.



Brian McGowan

Founder, Managing Partner


Doug McLean

Managing Partner,

Chief Technology Officer


Chase Exon

Managing Partner, General Counsel

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Julie Menendez

Managing Director

Untitled design (9).png

Terence Easton

Venture Partner

Untitled design (10).png

Dirk Schwarz

Venture Partner

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