Corporations strive to innovate. But legacy revenue and customer service models limit flexibility and stifle creativity. The corporate environment is simply not conducive to Lean Startup principles. And external innovation - traditional M&A - is unpredictable.

BlueWave provides a complementary approach to corporate venture and development - one that delivers relevant, innovative startups with certainty of acquisition and ease of integration.


By analyzing shifts in society, business, and technology, we empower our partners to transform understanding into action and accelerate growth. We combine the best of Lean Startup thinking with the best of corporate partner insights, resulting in a better venture building framework.

BlueWave's broad market reach enables us to identify and incubate imaginative ideas. 


We bring value to each venture by leveraging our operational know-how, strong relationships, and deep industry expertise. 


We structure creative transactions and opportunistically create new platforms or joint ventures in special situations.


We use Lean Startup principles to quickly test and iterate concepts, focus on short sprints with lots of measurement, and package products to go-to-market under corporate sponsorship.

​BlueWave draws from a network of partners from across the Proptech, Fintech, and Cleantech ecosystems. Some of these organizations have made investments in specific BlueWave companies. We also have a larger circle of partners engaged in go-to-market activities with our portfolio companies - through direct use of products, or via engagements with their own customers.