At HDS, we’re committed to providing commercial real estate companies with the software and service solutions they need to be successful. From data analytics and business intelligence to domain and functional support, we provide clients around the globe with the technical capabilities their firms require — so they can focus on growing their core business.


Lease Abstracts

Using proprietary AI tools, we abstract critical dates, dollars, options, and clauses from leases. We are happy to perform this service at any time during the asset life cycle.

Loan Abstracts

We review the loan agreement and any amendments to identify and abstract critical dates, dollars, clauses, and options. Then, we format and deliver according to your preference (e.g., Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, or any other you request).

Loan Sizing

To help you size the loan amount for a particular property, we determine a preliminary figure based on our custom financial models.


Once the loan amount has been finalized, we provide a complete underwriting based on the bank or financial institution’s specific guidelines. The outcome is to determine the NOI, NCF, DSC, and LTV at the time of the loan’s origination.

Financial Modeling

Just share your source documents and assumptions, and we’ll deliver clear, accurate financial models to help you make informed decisions.