MTAG for Community Banks

A leader in client satisfaction and service, MTAG stands by its best-in class servicing platform and commitment to client success. Its experienced team supports all products and market sectors, including commercial mortgage-backed securities, balance sheet lending, life company portfolios, agency programs, and institutional investments.

Make Your Team More Efficient by Outsourcing Servicing

Servicing your own loans in-house is rarely efficient. Save your team's time for more high-value tasks by outsourcing your servicing.

Already have a servicing partner? Consider bringing MTAG in for backup. After all, it never hurts to have a pinch-hitter. Just send MTAG your loan tape, and within a few weeks, they’ll have a fully replicated system in place in case you ever need them to step in. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that they are ready and capable to support you with:

  • Executing operational reviews of servicers

  • Receiving, reviewing, and storing portfolio data files

  • Verifying monthly servicer reports

  • Performing collateral analyses

  • Assuming certain servicing obligations and maintain servicer transition plans if a default were to occur

In the event you need them, MTAG will be able to execute seamlessly without any interruption to  your borrowers or to loan collections.

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